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Use case

Smart Brake creates a safe foundation for children

SmartBrake enables children to brake effortlessly and softly on their own. For the child, it means being able to participate together with family, school, or friends on a trip.

SmartBrake also provides opportunities for parents or an adult to intervene during training on a bicycle or in real situations. To bicycle requires a lot of attention to the surroundings. Children who are learning to ride a bicycle, or people with reduced cognitive function, often have challenges in reading traffic. A wireless remote control is a safe and subtle way to provide security. This gives children and young people increased independence and a sense of mastery in the child, creating calm and more joy.

In this reference case, you can read more about how we concretely helped this family to make cycling a safe activity that was enjoyable for both children and parents.

Use case

Individually adapted brake

When you get a bike, it’s easy to think of the brake levers as what they are. For the elderly, children, and people with disabilities, brake levers are often a challenge. Which can lead to cycling becoming difficult to master. SmartBrake takes safety seriously and supplies brake levers adapted to the cyclist’s needs.

SmartBrake offers brake levers designed for different types of grip, as well as being the market’s softest levers – everyone can use a brake lever from SmartBrake. This user case is about one of the adaptations we have made for a cyclist who can now be completely independent and just concentrate on the ride. We make individual adjustments to two-wheeled bicycles, tricycles, and handcycles.

Use case

If you stop, the bike stops with SmartBrake

Traditional bicycle brake levers require the user to apply force to activate the brake. SmartBrake makes it possible for you to stop the bike without having to touch the handlebars or the brake lever. 

If you have epilepsy and have a seizure, or for other reasons lose muscle power or consciousness, you don’t have to worry about losing control of the bike. When you hold the lever in, the bike rolls freely, and when you let go, the bike stops.

Read one of the user cases where SmartBrake has reduced the risk and increased the enjoyment of cycling.

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